"New" Shetland wool colours

We have started to stock some beautiful new Shetland wool colours.

As we primarily stock British wool helping support the British farming industry these new colours are a wonderful addition to our stock.

The new additional colours come in

  • Tusk a light creamy beige colour

  • Vixen copper colour ideal for making a fox.

  • Evergreen green just like the trees ideal for 2D felting landscapes.

  • Tropical imagine yourself in the Caribbean - this colour will be in our new camper van kit coming soon.

  • Slate like the roof tiles a wonderful dark grey and welcome addition to the light grey.

  • Hound ideal for dog projects.

  • Nougat a soft pink the same colour as the Corriedale pink we stock at the moment and Chestnut to remind you of the Autumn chestnut and will be ideal for making acorns and other Autumnal delights.

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