“Mad as a March Hare”

March is the seen as the meteorological beginning of Spring. One of the things that usually happens in March is the strange behaviour of hares often known as "Mad as a March hare" but why are hares mad in March?

March is right in the middle of the hares' breeding season the male hares are looking for female hares to mate with. The males chase females but sometimes the females don't want the attention. When the female hare has had enough, she will turn around and box the hare this is when the boxing is seen. The hares stand on their back legs and hit each other with their front paws. Have you ever seen hares boxing? Our hares are calmer and tend to hug rather than box they are available in kits in both white or brown.

Did you know that hares are also amazing at running they can reach up to 40 miles an hour.

Hares like most of our wildlife have declined more than 80% over the last 100 years due to pesticides, cutting down of hedgerows and different ways of farming.

Finally, do you know the main differences between hares and rabbits?

  • Hares have much longer back legs therefore they move a lot faster.

  • Different types of rabbits have different sized ears, but hares have very long ears. Hares have black tips on their ears, too.

  • Hares live above the ground, whereas rabbits live underground in groups.

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