Buzzards Announcing the Arrival of Spring

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Vintage powder compact with leather cover. 8cm wide by 1cm deep Imagine this: it's nearing the end of March and, unusually, the family's got a day off together and the sun's shining. In fact, the sky is an incredible blue, it's got a deep blue, Mediterranean feel to it and there's not a cloud in the sky. I'm sat in the garden drinking coffee and just enjoying the calmness that only seems to come to you in little snatched pockets of time. And then, suddenly, into this calm, blue scene glide a trio of buzzards from just behind our neighbours house. They're so close that I can see the light reflected on their beaks and their heads turning to take in all that Somerset gas on offer. I feel so blessed to have seen this, they are so graceful and effortless and their appearance seem to signal the true arrival of spring. So I felt a real need to capture just a little bit of what that sight was. What's interesting about this piece is that, despite being thoroughly cleaned, there's still a vague perfume of powder as well as the metal from the compact. It smells of the handbags of my personal history - do you know what I mean?