Hello All!

I am a fibre artist working in rural Somerset and basically, I’m obsessed with beautiful British wool, it is my inspiration - it is at the heart of everything I do. Because of its fabulous eco-credentials and it’s diverse properties, I am able to sculpt with it or make it gossamer thin in order to make studies of the sea and passing moments, sketches in wool.

All of my work has an emphasis on the environment and sustainability. 

In my small pieces, I needle felt into vintage containers; with these, I aim to create vignettes of the more elusive creatures of our countryside as seen in my recent exhibition, FIFTY BEES. 

My larger pieces are concerned with the British coast. Using reclaimed materials, beach combed finds and combining them the wool, I aim to emphasise the legacy of man’s interaction upon the sea.

Needlefelt Kits 

Because I love wool so much, I want others to enjoy working with it too. This is why I teach needlefelting classes and design and make needlefelt kits. I've designed them for people with a whole range of skills.
The kits for complete beginners fall into two categories:
Stage 1 - SUPER SIMPLE - for nervous beginners.
Stage 2 - BEGINNERS - perfect for anyone. These are for really learning how needlefelting works and how you can work the wool so that it becomes a wonderful, sculptural medium.
Then, as you begin to learn and want to try something a bit more complicated, I have designed:
Stage 3 - CHALLENGING – there are designed to improve your needlefelting skills, encouraging you to focus on sculptural form and more complex colour layering. They are for people who have had a bit of experience and now want to push themselves further. You could try these as a beginner but you might find them a bit frustrating and I would hate for that to happen.
Then finally, at the top of our LADDER OF LEARNING, we have:
Stage 4 - 'OH SO VERY CHALLENGING'. These are really NOT for beginners. They are for people who understand well how needlefelting works and how the wool responds.  

At present, plans are beginning for the third leg of the project which will consist of an exhibition in Taunton.  If you would like to apply to become one of the fifty companion artists, the application can be found here: 


FIFTY BEES: The Interconnectedness Of All Things

Fifty British bees crafted in wool by Lydia Needle with responses by fifty invited artists.        

At For Every Cloud, Bow Street, Langport, Somerset. TA10 9PR

Meet the Artists Friday 3rd August 6pm - 8pm.   The exhibition runs from 4 August – 1 September and these are the opening times:

·     Monday:               closed

·     Tuesday:               closed

·     Wednesday:         10am – 4pm

·     Thursday:             10am – 4pm

·     Friday:                   9am – 1pm

·     Saturday:             10am – 2pm

·     Sunday:               closed

Telephone: 01458 251475  

Find the FIFTY BEES on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or email us at


Exploring the artist’s place in community and environment.

At ACEarts, Market Place, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 7NB

Lydia will be joined by Rebecca Bruton, the SAW Creative Pathways Bursary winner. Both artists will be transforming the gallery into a studio space:

‘Somerset Open Studios 2018 draws Art Weeks back to its roots, focusing on artists in their working environment…visitors will be able to see how artists make their work; their process, practice and inspiration.

Details about workshops and ‘Have-a-go’ sessions to follow.

Private view: Friday 14 September 6–8pm
Elder Day event: Sunday 30 September 11am–4pm

IN THE MEANTIME: if you'd like to see the other work that I produce, you can find that at or and you can contact me on