Hello All!

I am a fibre artist working in rural Somerset and basically, I’m obsessed with beautiful British wool, it is my inspiration - it is at the heart of everything I do. Because of its fabulous eco-credentials and it’s diverse properties, I am able to sculpt with it or make it gossamer thin in order to make studies of the sea and passing moments, sketches in wool.

All of my work has an emphasis on the environment and sustainability. 

In my small pieces, I needle felt into vintage containers; with these, I aim to create vignettes of the more elusive creatures of our countryside as seen in my recent exhibition, FIFTY BEES. 

My larger pieces are concerned with the British coast. Using reclaimed materials, beach combed finds and combining them the wool, I aim to emphasise the legacy of man’s interaction upon the sea.

Needlefelt Kits 

Because I love wool so much, I want others to enjoy working with it too. This is why I teach needlefelting classes and design and make needlefelt kits. I've designed them for people with a whole range of skills.
The kits for complete beginners fall into two categories:
Stage 1 - SUPER SIMPLE - for nervous beginners.
Stage 2 - BEGINNERS - perfect for anyone. These are for really learning how needlefelting works and how you can work the wool so that it becomes a wonderful, sculptural medium.
Then, as you begin to learn and want to try something a bit more complicated, I have designed:
Stage 3 - CHALLENGING – there are designed to improve your needlefelting skills, encouraging you to focus on sculptural form and more complex colour layering. They are for people who have had a bit of experience and now want to push themselves further. You could try these as a beginner but you might find them a bit frustrating and I would hate for that to happen.
Then finally, at the top of our LADDER OF LEARNING, we have:
Stage 4 - 'OH SO VERY CHALLENGING'. These are really NOT for beginners. They are for people who understand well how needlefelting works and how the wool responds.  

Needlefelt Classes……  

Advanced Needle Felting Workshop with Lydia Needle at For Every Cloud, Bow Street, Langport TA10 9PR. 

Dog Anatomy focusing on heads, faces and armatures.

This workshop is the perfect learning environment for those hoping to really hone their needle felting skills.

It is recommended for those who already have some experience of needle felting but is not really suitable for complete beginners. If you wish to attend this advanced class, I recommend purchasing one of blackdogandgingercat’s needle felting kits.
During the session, we will work on a variety of dog’s heads, faces and legs in order to perfect our characteristic with full support and expert advice from Lydia. For Every Cloud offers such a great, friendly and supportive atmosphere to work and learn in.

***Please note: we will not complete a whole dog but will instead have a variety of pieces to work with at home. Please feel free to bring pictures of your own dog for inspiration.

All equipment, materials and sculptural pieces are yours to keep at the end of the class.
The workshop is held within the wonderful studio and gallery. Tea and coffee will be provided and you are welcome to bring your lunch.


In the meantime, if you'd like to see the other work that I produce, you can find that at or and you can contact me using the email link below: